Watch this cool Video for Aerosol Can by Major Lazer feat.Pharrell Williams

This is a clever video for Major Lazer a.k.a Diplo and Pharrell William’s new track “Aerosol Can”. It features tagger Mike Giant tearing up white walls with the lyrics to this song. It’s cool and anytime I don’t have to actually see the artists face I can definitely appreciate it. Aerosol Can is one ofContinue reading “Watch this cool Video for Aerosol Can by Major Lazer feat.Pharrell Williams”

Short documentary “That B.E.A.T” let’s us in on New Orleans “Bounce” music

I love love love me some bounce music. I thank the queen diva “Big Freddia” for bustin my cherry, back in 2011 with her hit track “Yall Get Back Now“, since that, I’ve been groovin to the likes of Nicky Da B and Katy Red (who some say started this whole Bounce thing). So itContinue reading “Short documentary “That B.E.A.T” let’s us in on New Orleans “Bounce” music”

Trailer for Snoop Dog documentary “Reincarnated” arrives

Well this is new, not like I’ve been standing around wondering what the fuck Snoop‘s been up to, but yeah…what the fuck has Snoop been up to? Well apparently this.  Vice in cooperation with Mad Decent Records ,has released this shiny trailer for “Reincarnated” which chronicles Snoop’s journey to Jah to find himself. It’s gotContinue reading “Trailer for Snoop Dog documentary “Reincarnated” arrives”

Major Lazer-Jah No Partial Ft. Flux Pavillion

Wake up everyone! We are about to embark upon another years worth of unknowns, so what better way to do it than with this bad as jam from Major Lazer. This video was shot in Belgium where there are obviously a lot of pretty girls with good taste in music and the temperatures are hotContinue reading “Major Lazer-Jah No Partial Ft. Flux Pavillion”

MEZO debuts video for “Connected”

In recent years, dubstep has undergone some construction. It used to be assumed that this sound,  derived from Jamaican Dub and Two step, was just rhythmic vibes with no real ending or beginning, but lately traditional arrangements, in the form of a chorus verse chorus bridge, have begun to speckle this once abstract landscape. TheContinue reading “MEZO debuts video for “Connected””

POGO goes dubstep with Scooby Doo

  Good friend and film editor Keith Carunida posted on facebook yesterday that famous masher-upper Pogo did a dubstep Scooby Doo jam…. and that it was good. Being a fan of dubstep, I had to investigate and yessur it actually does hold up, in that geeky sort of way, to a lot of the bestContinue reading “POGO goes dubstep with Scooby Doo”


If your gonna be sweaty and drunk this summer you might as well be sweaty and drunk at the Mad Decent Block Part 2012. This extravaganza of Moombha, Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep,Trap, Bounce, Juke and whatever else happens every year when the sun is at it’s hottest. Like Abiza or Warmup’s at PS1 in QueensContinue reading “MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY 2012 PREVIEW”


Always a good thing to mix rock with devil worship. It just always keeps things interesting and the kid’s love it. So what does Brooklyn’s own Sleigh Bell’s go and do? Well write a song called Demon’s of course. No it’s not about devil worship, but it’s probably more about Derek Miller’s (guitarist/ the director)Continue reading “VIDEO FOR SLIEGH BELLS “DEMONS” AND…WAIT FOR IT…FREE “DIPLO” REMIX OF DEMONS!!”


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