Black Rock Bleakness

When three young women travel to a small, secluded island in an attempt to reconnect, none of them are prepared for the trials they will face over the next three days.  Black Rock is the second feature film for director Katie Aselton and it stars Kate Bosworth as Sarah, Lake Bell as Lou, Katie Aselton as Abby, Will Bouvier as Henry, Jay Paulson as Derek, and Anslem Richardson asContinue reading “Black Rock Bleakness”

MITNG reviews Safety Not Guaranteed starring Aubrey Plaza

When I was ten years old, I thought I could build a time machine from some manipulated Pepsi can aluminum, some watch parts (taken from my father’s watch), some wire and a small wooden crate I called my fort. I had just seen the 1960 film adaptation of HG Wells’ “The Time Machine” on channelContinue reading “MITNG reviews Safety Not Guaranteed starring Aubrey Plaza”