Illustrator Joe Spiotto turns video games into children’s books

This collection of works from illustrator Joey Spiotto , features some of our most beloved video game characters given the kindergarten make over. From Mass Effect to Bioshock, Joey does an excellent job of harnessing that whimsy from yesteryear and turning fierce heroes into cuddly little characters. Joey Spiotto Website PURCHASE THESE PRINTS HERE  

MASS EFFECT fan film RED SAND delves into interplanetary drug wars and Martian archeology

At the beginning of the year I auditioned for RED SAND and wasn’t too sure of what to expect, but low and behold I landed the role of Hido and since then and thousands of “likes” later, it has turned into an epic science fiction phenomena and a, Mass Effect fan film, must see. IContinue reading “MASS EFFECT fan film RED SAND delves into interplanetary drug wars and Martian archeology”


  Sonic Mayhem is the brainchild of producer and professional sound designer Sascha “Buzzfunk” Dikiciyan and associates. They’ve been lending their sound scapes and grinding industrial tracks to such popular games as Quake, Tron: Evolution and Mass Effect going on ten plus years and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Doomsday is their latestContinue reading “VIDEOGAME COMPOSERS “SONIC MAYHEM” RELEASE “DOOMSDAY” EP TEASER”


A couple of month’s ago I had the honor of working on UAT’s  (The University of Advancing Technology) latest cgi endeavor “RED SAND” directed by Caleb Evans and produced by Paul DeNigris,who incidentally heads up the VFX Dept at UAT and worked on all the visual effects in this film, with the help of hisContinue reading “FIRST AMAZING TRAILER FOR UAT’S “MASS EFFECT” FAN FILM “RED SAND”!!!”