MITNG remembers MCA a.k.a Adam Yauch (1964-2012)

I can’t believe it’s been a year since hip hop legend MCA passed away. I don’t think I’m ready to come to terms with this icons passing and neither is the rest of the world. His contributions to music and philanthropy will resonant forever, so on this day, while most are celebrating Star Wars myselfContinue reading “MITNG remembers MCA a.k.a Adam Yauch (1964-2012)”


This is devastating news. I knew he had been fighting throat cancer, but some part of me thought he’d pull through especially after releasing this video announcing he had cancer. It turns out that it was way more serious than any of us could have imagined. He passed away today. My thoughts and prayers goContinue reading “BEASTIE BOY ADAM YAUCH (MCA) DIES AT 47”