Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2013: Friday

What better way to start a festival than a day full of energy and sun. We anticipated multiple artists throughout the day, and we’re pleased to announce that all surpassed expectations. From amazing food vendors to a great main stage lineup, the first day of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival was great. Sierra Leone’s RefugeeContinue reading “Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2013: Friday”

Trailer for Napster documentary “Downloaded” arrives and it looks awesome!!

Man, the nineties were a trip, but nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared us for the craziness that was Napster. I’d like to think that for a small period in the nineties there were more people downloading free shit on Napster than there were causing crimes in the streets. Just tons of music,programs,picsContinue reading “Trailer for Napster documentary “Downloaded” arrives and it looks awesome!!”