MBV – My Bloody Valentine review

It’s officially here. My Bloody Valentine‘s follow up too their epic 1991 album, Loveless, is in our hands. We can finally hear what has been going through the mind of front man, Kevin Shields‘, head. 22 years is too much to wait especially when a band just reaches their prime. Loveless was an album that defined the 90’s, andContinue reading “MBV – My Bloody Valentine review”

Two classic power hitters set to release new material

  Imagine the moment where you find out your two favourite bands from the 90’s decide to release an album after an extended period of time. No, I’m sorry but Nirvana, Joy Division, and Neutral Milk Hotel are not in this list. I can assure you though that rumours of Nine Inch Nails and MyContinue reading “Two classic power hitters set to release new material”