Enter the world of Oblivion

The year is 2077.  The Earth has been invaded, the moon destroyed.  What remains is a wasteland, nearly unfit for habitation, and a two-person clean up crew responsible for drone maintenance and security.  The human race has moved to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.  The TET, a large high atmosphere structure, acts as a commandContinue reading “Enter the world of Oblivion”

Listen to M83’s “Starwaves” from the OBLIVION soundtrack and prepare to be overwhelmed

So many amazing artist have transitioned into composing soundtracks and have done so successfully. Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman, Jonsi, Johnny Greenwood, BECK and Randy Newman just to name a few. All great artist and all clearly capable of pushing themselves to that next level. Anthony Gonzalez  of M83 can now be added to that list,Continue reading “Listen to M83’s “Starwaves” from the OBLIVION soundtrack and prepare to be overwhelmed”

Mama: Is a Mother’s Love Forever?

WARNING SPOILERS! Mama is a supernatural thriller.  If you don’t believe in the supernatural or the paranormal, if you don’t get a charge at the possibility of ghosts, of something other, that entities can span the abyss and either help or hurt the living, Mama is not going to hold your interest for the 100 minute duration ofContinue reading “Mama: Is a Mother’s Love Forever?”