Trailer for Shannon Hoon documentary “All I Can Say” is sobering

In the years leading up to his death, singer Shannon Hoon appeared to be ready to take on the world, in fact he did, but drugs and alcohol claimed the life of this gifted singer way before, in my opinion, his work was done. Oscilloscope Laboratories recently released the trailer for “All I Can Say”Continue reading “Trailer for Shannon Hoon documentary “All I Can Say” is sobering”

MBV – My Bloody Valentine review

It’s officially here. My Bloody Valentine‘s follow up too their epic 1991 album, Loveless, is in our hands. We can finally hear what has been going through the mind of front man, Kevin Shields‘, head. 22 years is too much to wait especially when a band just reaches their prime. Loveless was an album that defined the 90’s, andContinue reading “MBV – My Bloody Valentine review”

Trailer for the documentary Sound City directed by Dave Grohl

In this age of technology, when you can manipulate anything, how do you retain that human element?-Dave Grohl In his first directorial debut, Dave Grohl, of The Foo Fighters takes us down rocks memory lane with this documentary about one of the busiest recording studios in L.A that started it all Sound City. This studioContinue reading “Trailer for the documentary Sound City directed by Dave Grohl”

Refused Ends Reunion Tour, Ends Career In Sweden

Lasting only half of the 90’s and still up there with greats like Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr, Blur, Oasis and notably Nirvana is a achievement in itself. Refused recently announced that their career will come to an end after a short-lived reunion tour was scheduled. They will play their final show on December 15th in theirContinue reading “Refused Ends Reunion Tour, Ends Career In Sweden”