Animated Short Victor and Isolina is a beautiful tribute to the creators Grandparents

Director William Caballero has created a quirky masterpiece with Victor and Isolina! This story, told by use of 3D modeling, still pictures, beautiful cinematography and lovely music, is about the relation between the directors grandparents Victor and Isolina. It has that NPR: Storycorps vibe as the visuals chronicle the falling in and out of loveContinue reading “Animated Short Victor and Isolina is a beautiful tribute to the creators Grandparents”

Awesome video for SEE by TYCHO

Loving this whole album and this video is the cherry on top. Directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz and  shot on the RED EPIC, all I can say is this video for, chill-wave group, TYCHO’s latest release “See”, is breath taking. In an exclusive interview they gave to The Creators Project ,Bradley explains, in depth, howContinue reading “Awesome video for SEE by TYCHO”

New TV On The Radio video “Million Miles”

TV On The Radio‘s second single off their “supposed” new album, got a nifty video today that premiered exclusively on Myspace. The song is a quite one, perhaps a reflective moment given the loss of their bass player Gerrard Smith to lung cancer back in April 20th, 2011. They’ve told several media outlet’s that theyContinue reading “New TV On The Radio video “Million Miles””

James Blake tops his debut with Overgrown

I have a dark secret. Back in 2011, I skipped out on James Blake’s debut LP, James Blake, because of skepticism. That probably came from the uprising of bro-step, and another dubstep fad wasn’t something I was looking forward too. Months after it’s February of 2011 release, I decided to embark on a listen because of its astonishingContinue reading “James Blake tops his debut with Overgrown”

School House Rock turns 40!

What started in the seventies became a cult favorite among kids by the eighties. School House Rock was a Saturday morning staple on ABC…well that and your cereal of choice. Nothing personified my youth like this show, which incidentally, only ran for about three minutes between your regularly scheduled programming, but in that three minutesContinue reading “School House Rock turns 40!”

NPR’s Listener Picks of 2012

The NPR program, All Songs Considered, is one of my all time favorite productions in both the radio and website formats.  If you have yet to subscribe, please do.  It is a must for every music lover out there, covering the widest range of genres imaginable.  Every year around this time, hosts Bob Boilen andContinue reading “NPR’s Listener Picks of 2012”