The Anticipatory Dread Effect of Paranormal Activity

When my nephews first approached me a few years ago after having first seen Paranormal Activity, they were literally terrified of the subject matter.  Not the film, per se, but the idea that someone (or some thing) might be watching them when they sleep.  The fear is not without grounds, although, as far as I canContinue reading “The Anticipatory Dread Effect of Paranormal Activity”


Director Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) is riding a wave, a wave made of supposed documented footage. “How long?” you might ask “Will this wave continue to hold up?”, and “When can we expect this baby to break and go the hell back into the sea?”. Maybe now, cause this new horror/science fiction trailer for “ChernobylContinue reading ““CHERNOBYL DIARIES” TRAILER LOOKS PRETTY BORING”