Listen to Black Sabbath’s new single God Is Dead

Funny…I almost forgot how depressing Black Sabbath was, thank God their back to remind me. It’s been years since the prophets of heavy metal dropped an album, but maybe it’s because they needed to take what’s been going on in the world for the last 30 years and rape our ears into submission. I thinkContinue reading “Listen to Black Sabbath’s new single God Is Dead”

Wanna listen to a snippet from the new Black Sabbath album 13?

We here at MITNG have been keeping a close watch on this project, in hopes…well…that it’s good?  Seems like a lot of time has passed since they released an album back in 1978. Do these cats still have what it takes to rock? The answer is fuck yeah! Just listen to this cock tease ofContinue reading “Wanna listen to a snippet from the new Black Sabbath album 13?”

Black Sabbath Announce new album

Since 1978, Black Sabbath hasn’t released a true album with all members since 1978’s, Never Say Die!. After a surprise comeback, Black Sabbath have announced a date for their new album, 13, which should be out in June. It’s produced by Rick Rubin and will have former Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine drummer, Brad Wilk, takingContinue reading “Black Sabbath Announce new album”