Here We Go Again!

Months ago I left Facebook. Years before that, I left our website. We did, however, keep our twitter page. There’s been a ton of trials and tribulations, but years later, I’m back and hoping you’ll walk with me again. Yesterday, I saw that someone posted a comment on an article that I wrote awhile back.Continue reading “Here We Go Again!”

Arizona’s own neo-folk prodigy Stephen Steinbrink keeps on reeling

Article written by : DOUG BOLLIG Arizona native Stephen Steinbrink is one of my favorite lesser known artists. Some relate him to Elliot Smith , but I think it goes far beyond that. Steinbrink’s use of harmony floats you through his lyrics and as they are absorbed there is a feeling of something deep andContinue reading “Arizona’s own neo-folk prodigy Stephen Steinbrink keeps on reeling”