A collection of amazing fan made ELYSIUM posters

The commemorate the release of Neill Blompkamp’s ELYSIUM starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley, some amazing illustrators have created their own poster art for the film. Some of which have a bit of that retro vibe and some mondo, but all very very good. I hope you guys run right out and catch thisContinue reading “A collection of amazing fan made ELYSIUM posters”

Texas Chainsaw 3D motion poster looks intense…

…but, I don’t know how I feel about the latest trailer release.  It would be nice to get a small piece of originality in a series like this and not just another classic film rehashed into a scream and chase reboot.  I can see myself getting annoyed by the sound of that damn chainsaw, likeContinue reading “Texas Chainsaw 3D motion poster looks intense…”


Maybe not so much now, but back in the day it was an honor to reference the Roland TR 808 beat machine in your song (Beastie Boys-License To ILL). During the eighties and nineties the 808 was God. The low end you got was immediately recognizable to anyone who listened to hip hop. Living inContinue reading “THE HISTORY OF THE THE ROLAND TR 808”


As the June 8th release of PROMETHEUS draws near, we can expect more of this fan art and in more mediums than one. In previous blogs I’ve shown you fan poster art for The Hunger Games, well not to be out done comes some super edgy posters for the new Ridley Scott film PROMETHEUS. Done byContinue reading “AMAZING FAN POSTERS FOR PROMETHEUS!!”