Is the 2010 Remake of The Crazies Better Than the Original?

Life moves at a different pace in Ogden Marsh, Iowa.  That is, until a downed military airplane carrying a to-be-decommissioned biological weapon crashes and contaminates the water supply.  Soon after, the once neighborly population begins tearing itself apart. The 2010 Breck Eisner remake of George A. Romero‘s The Crazies lends itself well to modernization.  In a world where everything can beContinue reading “Is the 2010 Remake of The Crazies Better Than the Original?”

Hemsworth’s Performance Pivotal in Red Dawn Re-Boot

Fans of the 1984 original film Red Dawn have nothing to fear. Director Dan Bradley‘s re-boot starring Chris Hemsworth (Jed), Josh Hutcherson (Robert) and Adrianne Palicki (Toni) is a mostly faithful retelling of the 1984 classic. Producer Tripp Vinson said that the re-boot is “heavily inspired by the original” and you’ll see bits and piecesContinue reading “Hemsworth’s Performance Pivotal in Red Dawn Re-Boot”