Is Tom Cruise a reach as Jack Reacher?

Fans of the Jack Reacher series by novelist Lee Child were cheering and jeering last night at a screening of the new Jack Reacher film starring Tom Cruise.  Reacher, an ex-Army military police officer, is a character completely unlike Cruise in almost every way – at least, physically.  Standing at 6′ 5″ and weighing in around 210 – 250 lbsContinue reading “Is Tom Cruise a reach as Jack Reacher?”

Writer/director Andrew Dominik hopes to be Killing Them Softly

Andrew Dominik‘s film adaptation of “Cogan’s Trade” is set in the waning days of the George W. Bush administration, against the Hurricane Katrina ravaged back streets of Louisiana. The opening title sequence is a series of seemingly random, jarring images and sounds reminiscent of films from the 70s. It’s two parts brilliant, one part WTFContinue reading “Writer/director Andrew Dominik hopes to be Killing Them Softly”