Spice Frontier is for the Intergalactic Foodies

“In space, no one can hear you season your food.” Yep! That was my corny intro! Now let’s get right down to this work of art! Spice Frontier is the creation of Steamroller Studios. Set in space, the story follows two voyagers, one human, the other, a robot. They’re on a mission to find theContinue reading “Spice Frontier is for the Intergalactic Foodies”

Guide To The Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, many of you may be wondering “just how do you prepare for the end of the world and what should we expect?” Well illustrator Adam Rosenlund has come up with a few ideas that he’s been kind enough to share with the world. No matter what’s yourContinue reading “Guide To The Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund”

2088 Teaser brings futuristic beauty and dangerous robots to tinsel town

If nothing else comes of this surge of indie cgi, we will always have something pretty to look at. 2008 is a robopocalypse of sorts that takes place in Los Angeles 2088. The film is directed by SMI Entertainment’s writer/director and visual effects supervisor Steven Ilous. This Akira/Blade runner-esque teaser trailer, is the first knownContinue reading “2088 Teaser brings futuristic beauty and dangerous robots to tinsel town”