Michael Cullen – Love Transmitter Review

Heartbreaks are easily spotted when sung in a baritone. Matt Berninger and Ian Curtis have proven this theory time and time again. Both Joy Division and The National cover a lot of topics in their musical discographies, but isolation, loneliness, and heartbreak are the reoccurring theme. Michael Cullen is another name to add to theContinue reading “Michael Cullen – Love Transmitter Review”

Vampire Weekend, Youth Lagoon set to release new albums

I’m very excited for this one. After a three year gab, indie pop group Vampire Weekend have given us detail on the up coming release of their 3rd studio album. It’s set to release this spring, and it comes with a more “darker” and “organic” sound. The reason for the wait comes with this quoteContinue reading “Vampire Weekend, Youth Lagoon set to release new albums”