Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.

Unsuspecting passengers at a train station thought they were simply buying a Coke Zero to quench their thirst.  Next thing you know, they are on a 70 second mission to get to a gate on the other side of the building, complete with obstacles.  Promotion at its finest.  Check out the video I found courtesyContinue reading “Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.”

Skyfall trailer with Adele title track

Today, October 5, 2012 has been officially announced as Global James Bond Day, setting off a series of events celebrating the franchises 50th anniversary.  What better way to spark things off than the release of Adele’s title track of the upcoming film, Skyfall.  I don’t know if my following video is the ‘official’ one or not, but, it gets meContinue reading “Skyfall trailer with Adele title track”


I was first introduced to Thomas Newman (born Oct 20, 1955 in Los Angelas) through his work in American Beauty. He had done several films leading up to American Beauty, which gained him an Oscar nod, but it was something about American Beauty that painted such an amazing picture of dysfunctional American life that itContinue reading “M.I.T.N.G TAKES A LOOK AT THE WORKS OF COMPOSER THOMAS NEWMAN”