Kanye West – Yeezus Review

There’s a lot to mention leading up to the sixth album released by the American rapper, Kanye West. The SNL performance, the birth of his first child, the world wide projections, the album artwork. West’s mind is all over the place. I’d also like to remind the public the importance of the album title itself;¬†Yeezus.Continue reading “Kanye West – Yeezus Review”

Fascinating documentary about the beginning of Skinhead culture in Britain

Growing up, I knew a lot of Skinheads, some racist, some not, but despite your credo, you always dressed the part. Whether you rocked the bomber jacket with dockers (like me) or you went straight for the tight acid washed jeans with brace’s, anyone who was anyone knew who you repped and in certain circlesContinue reading “Fascinating documentary about the beginning of Skinhead culture in Britain”