It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013

This is a compilation of spooky songs and movie trailers, old and new. The idea was not to spoon feed you the obviously scary, but to get a little psychological with it as well. You may wonder, while listening, why some of the songs are on this podcast and if you have to wonder you’reContinue reading “It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013”

Listen to PHANTOGRAM’S Black Out Days

Sharing the crown with other New York-based, synth pop duos like School of Seven Bells, Sleigh Bells and Purity Ring, PHANTOGRAM, Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards), are carving quite a reputation for themselves in the electronic scene. Their 2011 release “Night Moves” is a catchy variant on the sometimes too abstractContinue reading “Listen to PHANTOGRAM’S Black Out Days”

NOISEY gives us the lowdown on Hair, Style and Music

How much does your look determine how well you will be accepted by the masses? That’s one of the questions, I think, NOISEY tries to ask, as they interview the likes of Sleigh Bells, Tegan and Sara and Rye Rye. From David Bowie to Karen O , the image of the Rock Star has alwaysContinue reading “NOISEY gives us the lowdown on Hair, Style and Music”

More To The Artwork On “Sleigh Bells” Recent Album “Reign Of Terror” Than Meets The Eye

It’s a relief to know that sometimes real thought and heart can be seen in album work, granted I probably would’ve thought that the recent collage of photos on Sleigh Bells recent album REIGN OF TERROR was a bunch of random hipster shit. But this PITCHFORK interview with Sleigh Bell‘s guitarist Derrick Miller, got me thinkingContinue reading “More To The Artwork On “Sleigh Bells” Recent Album “Reign Of Terror” Than Meets The Eye”