MITNG Videos of the Week

Got a colorful smorgasbord of images for yo ass this week. Starting off with the always entertaining Die Antwoord, then our Icelandic pop star Robyn get’s down with non other than Snoop D.O. Double G, not to be out done is the west coast stylings of Wavves and then a treat for those of youContinue reading “MITNG Videos of the Week”

Trailer for Snoop Dog documentary “Reincarnated” arrives

Well this is new, not like I’ve been standing around wondering what the fuck Snoop‘s been up to, but yeah…what the fuck has Snoop been up to? Well apparently this.  Vice in cooperation with Mad Decent Records ,has released this shiny trailer for “Reincarnated” which chronicles Snoop’s journey to Jah to find himself. It’s gotContinue reading “Trailer for Snoop Dog documentary “Reincarnated” arrives”

So much bad at the Everything is Terrible! Holiday Special, and that’s good!

Christmas on Deathrow. An American Christmas Carol taken majorly out of context. Ricky Caldwell from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. A montage of crazy, murderous Santas. Lots of bad singing, bad acting, and bad ideas. And dancing cats. It’s the Everything is Terrible! Holiday Special 2012, and once you have gotten over just how profoundly weirdContinue reading “So much bad at the Everything is Terrible! Holiday Special, and that’s good!”