Charlize Theron will not be returning for Fury Road prequel Furiosa

Next to waiting for the Dune 2020 trailer, this has got to be some of the worse news coming out of Hollywood. Let me explain…I am a huge Mad Max:Fury Road fan! I own the blue ray and the Black and Chrome limited addition of the film. Most of that love is for the artisticContinue reading “Charlize Theron will not be returning for Fury Road prequel Furiosa”

Stream Mica Levi’s Under the Skin soundtrack now

I’ve been listening to this haunting soundtrack for about twenty minutes now and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate soundscape. Reminding me a little of Johnny Greenwood’s work on The Master and There Will Be Blood, Mica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu, is bringing that same level of abstract to this project. It’sContinue reading “Stream Mica Levi’s Under the Skin soundtrack now”

M83 shares another song off the OBLIVION Soundtrack

Here’s another song from the Oblivion soundtrack composed by M83, this ones called…well “Oblivion” and features the vocal styling’s of Susanne Sundfor. As much press as this film has been receiving, I’m surprised it’s not out already, but it actually releases April 19 with its soundtrack arriving April 9 via Back Lot Records. Earlier lastContinue reading “M83 shares another song off the OBLIVION Soundtrack”

Listen to the omitted Django Unchained song Wiseman by Frank Ocean

Learned this bit of news from, about this Frank Ocean’s track that was unfortunately left out of the soundtrack for Django Unchained. I haven’t seen the movie or heard this track yet, but it stands to reason that they are both good. Frank uploaded the track to his Tumblr site with the a quoteContinue reading “Listen to the omitted Django Unchained song Wiseman by Frank Ocean”

Skyfall trailer with Adele title track

Today, October 5, 2012 has been officially announced as Global James Bond Day, setting off a series of events celebrating the franchises 50th anniversary.  What better way to spark things off than the release of Adele’s title track of the upcoming film, Skyfall.  I don’t know if my following video is the ‘official’ one or not, but, it gets meContinue reading “Skyfall trailer with Adele title track”


Here’s how this works. Each week we are going to try and post soundtracks from films or television shows. The soundtracks could be themed, take for instance this weeks NTS is science fiction. Next week it might be western, action, adventure or whatever. The rules are simple, we will post a Soundcloud stream containing theContinue reading “NAME THAT SOUNDTRACK CONTEST : SCIENCE FICTION”

‘We Bought a Zoo’, I bought a memoir, a dvd, and the Jonsi soundtrack

Take yourself back to a recent film in memory where you welled up, fought back the swelling in your eyes and recall the music behind the imagery that was causing your most human emotional response.  The latest work to enter my archive of blubbery is We Bought a Zoo, directed by Cameron Crowe with a score by Jonsi (Continue reading “‘We Bought a Zoo’, I bought a memoir, a dvd, and the Jonsi soundtrack”