Outstanding zombie kills in this Walking Dead Season 3 VFX Reel

Can I still be a fan of this series even though I haven’t seen season three yet? I think I’m more amped seeing this amazing “behind the scenes” footage, then most of you will be cause you’ve already seen it. That being said, I’m kinda posting this for myself, in a strange attempt to placeContinue reading “Outstanding zombie kills in this Walking Dead Season 3 VFX Reel”

An Interview with Michele Mulkey

Michele Mulkey, it’s an honor to have you with us! We know you’re incredibly busy working on the AD Lane project Invasion of the Not Quite Dead, so thank you for taking the time out to chat with us. Michele, you have an incredible list of credits under your belt ranging fromSolaris, Seed of Chucky, The Chronicles ofContinue reading “An Interview with Michele Mulkey”

Moment Factory will light you up

File this Montreal based company’s name into your collective consciousness.  Because, after you win the lottery, you are going to need Moment Factory to choreograph the lighting and sound for your next birthday party.  Pick your favorite band or your chosen theme or both, then put this crew to work to make it the most memorable nightContinue reading “Moment Factory will light you up”