Death Grips performs Guillotine at Villain BK

I’m don’t get jealous easily, but when I do I’m not one to let those around me know, but watching drummer Zach Hill (Wavves,Marnie Stern) beat those skins, in this video, like they owed him money, made my dick jump a little. How in G-ds name did they manage to get that guy? Don’t getContinue reading “Death Grips performs Guillotine at Villain BK”

Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage

Funny…I had the lead singer of Death Grips, Stefan Burnett, pegged as a psycho maniac whose lawlessness would be the “death” of Death Grips…like how I did that? I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. They continue to tour, they continue to write and they continue to release good videos, there’s notContinue reading “Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage”