MITNGTV Episode 4

This week on MITNGTV we’ve got some new clever graphics for ya, showcasing two new spots on our program…The Kickstarters (where we focus on a Kickstarter we are excited about) and Underground Mondays (where we showcase some up and comers to the music scene). Course we will be highlighting all the stuff we’ve been talkingContinue reading “MITNGTV Episode 4”

Trailer for “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher

This trailer is a no brainer, you’ve made a movie about the man who created one of the biggest computer companies in the world, just after his death. It’s one of those films that anyone who owns a Mac will and must see. I’m sure there are books floating around about Steve Jobs and howContinue reading “Trailer for “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher”

Trailer for Napster documentary “Downloaded” arrives and it looks awesome!!

Man, the nineties were a trip, but nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared us for the craziness that was Napster. I’d like to think that for a small period in the nineties there were more people downloading free shit on Napster than there were causing crimes in the streets. Just tons of music,programs,picsContinue reading “Trailer for Napster documentary “Downloaded” arrives and it looks awesome!!”