Andrea Remondini “Non Sequitur”

I have a clear memory of putting on These New Puritans’ latest album, Field of Reeds when it came out and not having a clue what to think. It was a pretty long listen through, and the only sound that stuck with me was the droning key notes and high pitched falsettos. It was dubbed “neoclassical”,Continue reading “Andrea Remondini “Non Sequitur””

Underground Mondays: The Soon-Another release the colorful Autodidact

Glittery indie-pop is at an all time high. It’s on the radio, it’s topping the charts, and it’s in our brains. Bands like Metric, Lights, and Of Monsters and Men are some of the bigger names of musicians that control this genre. What’s even more interesting is that there is such a large geographic areaContinue reading “Underground Mondays: The Soon-Another release the colorful Autodidact”


It’s just like Subpop Records to scoop up everything good in the world. Well, if it had to be one label that can do THEESATISFACTION right it would be Sub Pop. So my guess is that this is what half the population of Seattle’s doing when it’s raining…making beautiful tracks like this. These girls areContinue reading “CHECKOUT THE NEW VIDEO FOR “QUEENS” BY THEESATISFACTION”