HOUSE is a bad trip caught on film

The 70’s…yeah, what else needs to be said? A decade filled with outstanding art, music, cinema and most importantly Horror. The Exorcist, Halloween, The Omen and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre carved an indelible mark into the psyche of the youngin’s brave enough to watch and some adults too. But during this Renaissance there was somethingContinue reading “HOUSE is a bad trip caught on film”

Clive Barker and Dimension Pictures is returning to HELLRAISER

I would’ve been more elated by news of a Nightbreed reboot, but I guess this will have to do. Director and writer Clive Barker left an interesting Facebook update that confirms a Hellraiser reboot. Clive promises the same energy as the first, but just with more darkness? I don’t understand how much darker Hellraiser couldContinue reading “Clive Barker and Dimension Pictures is returning to HELLRAISER”

MITNG Celebrates Halloween with 31 Frightful Flicks

Halloween holds a special place in our hearts here at MITNG.  There is no better time or place to celebrate horror, the macabre, the strange, and the supernatural. Throughout October, we’ll recommend a different horror flick each day for your viewing enjoyment.  From around the world and many different genres, we hope you’ll discover newContinue reading “MITNG Celebrates Halloween with 31 Frightful Flicks”

Is blood more deadly than a Texas Chainsaw?

Texas Chainsaw 3D is not (I repeat, not) a remake of the 1974 original.  A lot of fuss has been made in recent years about the incessant assembly line of film remakes spewing out of Hollywood.  I would take this argument one step further.  You see, I’m not a big fan of taking culturally significant images,Continue reading “Is blood more deadly than a Texas Chainsaw?”