MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!

Presented in no particular fucking order, I give you MITNG’s best music videos of 2012. A warning: The list is long and lawd knows it could’ve gone longer. Even as I write this, I’m thinking of people that I may have left out and it pains me, but it’s not like they look at thisContinue reading “MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!”

Jake Gyllanhall Hall Loses His Mind In “The Shoes” Video “Time To Dance”

So the facts surrounding this case are still coming in, but it would seem that the murder spree began with an argument about the rent between Jake and the deceased. The argument apparently escalated when the deceased began dancing with Jakes girl and thats when authorities believe Jake went to his room and put onContinue reading “Jake Gyllanhall Hall Loses His Mind In “The Shoes” Video “Time To Dance””