Behold Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead Part Deux and it’s Glorious

Man, the crew over at Bad Lip Reading has done it again. This bit of genius features clips from last season that’ll have you ROLLIN!!! Horror has never been this funny before! Enjoy and Good Night!! OFFICIAL BLR WEBSITE

It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013

This is a compilation of spooky songs and movie trailers, old and new. The idea was not to spoon feed you the obviously scary, but to get a little psychological with it as well. You may wonder, while listening, why some of the songs are on this podcast and if you have to wonder you’reContinue reading “It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013”

Outstanding fan made opening credits for The Man of Steel

It pains me to know how much time must’ve went into this project. The attention to detail is pretty exquisite. This is relatively a new thing for fan boys in that many have taken their knowledge of graphics animation and used them to create these demo reels/tributes to films. I’ve seen several over the pastContinue reading “Outstanding fan made opening credits for The Man of Steel”

Outstanding zombie kills in this Walking Dead Season 3 VFX Reel

Can I still be a fan of this series even though I haven’t seen season three yet? I think I’m more amped seeing this amazing “behind the scenes” footage, then most of you will be cause you’ve already seen it. That being said, I’m kinda posting this for myself, in a strange attempt to placeContinue reading “Outstanding zombie kills in this Walking Dead Season 3 VFX Reel”

Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1

As I make the hour-long commute to Seattle, my mind begins to tangle. “What do I do to get my badge? Will there be a huge line at registration? How do the autograph sessions work? What about the panels? How on Earth will I be able to find everything?” These are all valid questions, I’mContinue reading “Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1”


The good and screwed up people at QuietEarth posted this insane trailer for a zombie film that is probably still in production and probably still needs money, but they have one hell of a start with this trailer. I doubt the whole story will revolve around these kids, but it’s nice to know they canContinue reading “ZOMBIE MOVIE “HEARTLAND” IS A SEVERE LESSON IN GOOD PARENTING.”


What is it with these game designers and their need to make us sob with these zombie trailers? First, it was the “LOST” inspired Dead Island trailer and now this. Hats off to the sound engineers and voice actors in these amazing commercial’s. They pull you into a story without giving you much and toContinue reading “THE NEW TRAILER FOR “THE WALKING DEAD” GAME WILL CHILL YOU TO THE CORE.”