Trailer for Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie, may be what Marvel needs right now

The studios have been promising to stir things up with Guardian’s….since their announcement to make it. Not as high up on the Marvel franchise, Disney is taking a chance with this whole new breed of superheroes. Since the Avenger’s movie, we could see the fight slowly being drawn up to the heavens, so the introductionContinue reading “Trailer for Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie, may be what Marvel needs right now”

Disney breaks ground on AVATAR inspired park at Animal Kingdom

Almost a year ago we heard about director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau and Walt Disney World Resort Chairman Tom Staggs, teaming up to create a park, within Animal Kingdom, that will be inspired by Pandora, well on Jan 10, 2014 they broke ground on it. Said to be one of the most ambitious undertakingsContinue reading “Disney breaks ground on AVATAR inspired park at Animal Kingdom”

Teaser for Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie is astonishingly good

With a little blend of Alice in Wonderland and a smidgen of Avatar, you’ve got the eye candy for 2014. Maleficent directed by Robert Stromberg, is Disneys  promising look into the real story behind the beloved Sleeping Beauty novel, but unlike the novel, this one tells the story from the villains point of view. ThisContinue reading “Teaser for Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie is astonishingly good”

Vice interviews the creators of Escape From Tomorrow

I still haven’t seen this film yet, but it’s on my list. Having grown up in Orlando Florida, I’m always tickled shitty when cheeky directors have it in their minds to create a film that exploits the exploiters. If I had stayed in Orlando another day, instead of moving to New York, I might’ve hadContinue reading “Vice interviews the creators of Escape From Tomorrow”

The film that was illegally shot at Disney “Escape From Tomorrow” gets a trailer

Central Florida, my hometown, has a reputation for putting out films that get people at festivals, like Sundance, talking. The last one, I believe, that spread like a wildfire was the 1999 Eduardo Sánchez, Daniel Myrick directed film The Blairwitch Project. Now, almost 14 years later, we got another director/Full Sail graduate, named Randy Moore,Continue reading “The film that was illegally shot at Disney “Escape From Tomorrow” gets a trailer”

Jurassic World is coming in 2015

I guess I should report on this since, everyone else is. I lost the fire for this franchise years ago, in fact everything after Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is a fucking blur to me. But on June 12, 2015 Universal “says” they are releasing the fourth installment…has it really been three films already? Fourth installment toContinue reading “Jurassic World is coming in 2015”

Behold the far out illustrations of Thom Tenery

Conceptual artist Thom Tenery is no noobie to the concept art game, he’s worked with such entertainment giants as Disney, Blizzard Entertainment and the Syfy Channel. His most notable work was the sky tower home and drones in the Kosinski/Cruise film OBLIVION (available on Blu-Ray now). Checking out his resume, I also see that he’sContinue reading “Behold the far out illustrations of Thom Tenery”

The Cinefamily presents Persistence of Vision

If I were to mention the name Richard Williams , most of you wouldn’t know who I was talking about, but if I asked you have you seen Disney‘s Who Framed Roger Rabbit you’d all light up like a Christmas trees. Well, Richard Williams is the man behind all the animation in that film. PersistenceContinue reading “The Cinefamily presents Persistence of Vision”

Some highlights from the Phoenix Comic Con 2013

The annual pop culture event of the southwest, The Phoenix Comic Con, just wrapped up over memorial day weekend and man was it filled with a shit ton of craziness. Let’s begin with my day one. The showroom floor was set up slightly different than last year, but the exhibitors were in the same hall.Continue reading “Some highlights from the Phoenix Comic Con 2013”

“Wreck-it Ralph” Successfully Smashes into Theaters

“Wreck-it Ralph” smashed into theaters today.  The latest offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios, rated PG by the MPAA, is a sure-fire hit for most age groups.  And the good news is, you don’t even have to be a gamer to appreciate the comedy, action and message of “Wreck-it Ralph”. Disney is back on topContinue reading ““Wreck-it Ralph” Successfully Smashes into Theaters”