Blink or you’ll miss Atoms for Peace’s new video Before Your Very Eyes

Thom Yorke (Radiohead, Atoms for Peace), tweeted this morning: “Aaah Blinkin’ Hollywood🙂 Thanks to everyone who came last night. The message was to all those who attended their concert last night at the Hollywood Bowl, but it’s also giving us a clue as to how to watch this video. I tried it and I canContinue reading “Blink or you’ll miss Atoms for Peace’s new video Before Your Very Eyes”

Checkout Atoms For Peace’s new video “Ingenue”

I love this video! One, because, not only is the music great, but Thome Yorke is modern dancing! My wife’s a modern dancer so anytime I can interrupt her bath time with a video featuring artist I love, doing modern dance, is a great thing. Earlier we talked about Atoms For Peace‘s latest release AMOKContinue reading “Checkout Atoms For Peace’s new video “Ingenue””

MODESELEKTOR-“THIS” (Feat. Thome Yorke)

I had no idea The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had a puppet fetish? Trust Modeselektor and Thome Yorke to bring that side of her out. This video directed by Future Delux harnesses the eeriness that sometimes accompanies Yorke’s vocal stylings. Now add that with Modeselektor’s  driving drum and bass and voila…Electro-Goth! There! I didContinue reading “MODESELEKTOR-“THIS” (Feat. Thome Yorke)”