Listen to three amazing tracks off The Great Gatsby album

How do these guys expect to sell this soundtrack with all these previews? Who cares right? There is some immense tracks coming from the Luhrman/Jay Camp. I posted the new one from Florence and The Machine awhile back, which by the way I told you wouldn’t be exclusive for long and now I got thatContinue reading “Listen to three amazing tracks off The Great Gatsby album”

Jay-Z set to score Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

This announcement doesn’t surprise me, but Jay-Z wouldn’t have been my first pick. In hindsight, I guess, Jay-Z has been trying to harness his inner Capone for a very long time, so scoring a movie set in the days of prohibition is the next best thing. Baz Luhrmann has and continues to mash up genresContinue reading “Jay-Z set to score Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby”


If you saw PROMETHEUS in 3D you were treated to a few minutes of footage from Ang Lee’s The Life Of Pi. I don’t know that much about the story, but what I’ve read on blogs makes me want to pick up the book. Sounds like a good human struggle scenario. After reading a commentContinue reading “IMAGES FROM ANG LEE’S “THE LIFE OF PI””