David Bowie breaks the comeback curse with The Next Day

It seems to be the case that when a musician hits a certain age, the relevancy of the artist drops. I’m a prime example of someone who categorizes a musician as ‘not important’ once they seem that they’re out of the loop. Many musicians have the comeback curse that takes control once a musician hitsContinue reading “David Bowie breaks the comeback curse with The Next Day”

MBV – My Bloody Valentine review

It’s officially here. My Bloody Valentine‘s follow up too their epic 1991 album, Loveless, is in our hands. We can finally hear what has been going through the mind of front man, Kevin Shields‘, head. 22 years is too much to wait especially when a band just reaches their prime. Loveless was an album that defined the 90’s, andContinue reading “MBV – My Bloody Valentine review”