Insane new trailer for MONSTERS:DARK CONTINENT arrives

It’s been awhile since I first watched director Gareth Edwards alien invasion cult classic MONSTERS. But since then, Gareth has gone on to bigger and better with the release of this years Godzilla (without a doubt ,one of the best films this summer). A sequel to MONSTER wasn’t really on my radar. It seemed likeContinue reading “Insane new trailer for MONSTERS:DARK CONTINENT arrives”

Stream Mica Levi’s Under the Skin soundtrack now

I’ve been listening to this haunting soundtrack for about twenty minutes now and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate soundscape. Reminding me a little of Johnny Greenwood’s work on The Master and There Will Be Blood, Mica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu, is bringing that same level of abstract to this project. It’sContinue reading “Stream Mica Levi’s Under the Skin soundtrack now”

Arcade Fire release yet another trailer

As the date draws nearer to the ultimate release for Reflektor, Arcade Fire seamlessly excite fans again with another trailer. Since appearing at performances like the YouTube’s Music Awards, and the Bridge School Benefit Show, they’ll perform on “The Colbert Report” October 21st. Expect (or hope) to hear some new tracks. The band continues to holdContinue reading “Arcade Fire release yet another trailer”

Checkout this Red Band trailer for Neighbors starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron

Not to be confused with the 1981 Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd film, Neighbors is a crude and brutal look at what happens when a fraternity movies in right next door to your castle. This red band trailer has got some chuckle moments, plus I trust the hell out of Seth Rogen when it comesContinue reading “Checkout this Red Band trailer for Neighbors starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron”

How (not) to Deal if This Is the End

It’s the end of the world.  You converge at a massive housewarming party in L.A. hosted by none other than James Franco.  And there, you do which of the following: A.) Drink massive amounts of alcohol B.) Consume inordinate amounts of illegal drugs C.) Slap Rhianna’s backside D.) Trip into a football-field-sized sinkhole and fallContinue reading “How (not) to Deal if This Is the End”

Teenagers are total Animals in director Marçal Forés new flick

By all outward appearances, Pol (Oriol Pla), is just an average teenager.  Living with his brother in the countryside, Pol rides his bike to school every day where he struggles to understand who he really is and where he fits in. Animals is the first feature film of Marçal Forés and after seeing it, I’m excitedContinue reading “Teenagers are total Animals in director Marçal Forés new flick”

Check out the trailer for the new Washed Out album titled Paracosm

Either you’ve been a fan since the early EP’s, or you know “that one song off Portlandia”, it doesn’t matter at all. The only part that matters is that there will be new Washed Out soon. The Sub Pop label dream child has announced the new album, titled Paracosm, and debuted a trippy trailer to goContinue reading “Check out the trailer for the new Washed Out album titled Paracosm”

First Look at Kick Ass 2

Grab a first look at Kick Ass 2  with this red band trailer released today: The sequel follows the story of Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), whose antics in the first film have now spawned a citywide wave of masked vigilantism.  Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) also returns but is now the world’s first mega villain.  As if allContinue reading “First Look at Kick Ass 2”

Brutal Red Band trailer for Danny Boyle’s art heist film “TRANCE” starring James McAvoy arrives…HARD!

Oh Danny boy…the pipes the pipes are calling! Director Danny Boyle has been “the talk” since news broke that he wants to do a Trainspotting sequel. This of course came as a side note at SXSW while he was promoting his new film “Trance“, starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel. An art auctioneerContinue reading “Brutal Red Band trailer for Danny Boyle’s art heist film “TRANCE” starring James McAvoy arrives…HARD!”

Second trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives…with friends!

I did a little reading on the Mandarin (Iron Man‘s arch nemesis), after watching the first trailer for Iron Man 3. What I gathered is he’s an idealist, kind of like Che Guevera, but a million times smarter. He is the Tony Stark of Indochina, but without his money and once again Tony’s father projectsContinue reading “Second trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives…with friends!”