Check out this short documentary, “For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade”

Some of you may remember video arcades and some of you won’t, but for those who do, this short is for you. The tech geek site Verge, in their endless quest to become a bit more like Vice, put out this cool documentary that talks about the rise and fall of the arcade. What theyContinue reading “Check out this short documentary, “For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade””

‘Don’t Starve’ this holiday season…seriously, don’t

From the makers of the well-received brawlers Shank and Shank 2 comes a game of survival that is both eerie and kind of charming. The initial premise of Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve is that you, a Gentlemen Scientist named Wilson, have been trapped by a demon in some unknown wilderness. From the get-go, you quicklyContinue reading “‘Don’t Starve’ this holiday season…seriously, don’t”

The V Motion Project

  My Guitar Hero band set has been gathering a bit of dust.  I refuse to get rid of it, though, cuz I feel I may need to rock out a bit in the future, lacking the true ability of musicianship and laziness to pick up a real instrument the Playstation is my only outlet ofContinue reading “The V Motion Project”


This animation created by Tim Hijikema features 20 video game planets. I’m not a huge gamer, but I posted this in hopes that some of you gaming M.I.T.N.G’rs might be able to enlightened me, I think I got as far as Mario Brothers and that’s about it.