Awesome video for SEE by TYCHO

Loving this whole album and this video is the cherry on top. Directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz and  shot on the RED EPIC, all I can say is this video for, chill-wave group, TYCHO’s latest release “See”, is breath taking. In an exclusive interview they gave to The Creators Project ,Bradley explains, in depth, howContinue reading “Awesome video for SEE by TYCHO”

SKRILLEX Video RAGGA BOMB combines Elysium with Star Wars and it works

Skrillex is known for his love of science fiction. He uses samples from anime, science fiction and horror films to create his heart pounding dubstep, so when he teamed up with  South African director Terence Neale, for his latest video “Ragga Bomb”, you know  it’s going to be magic. This video for “Ragga Bomb” featuringContinue reading “SKRILLEX Video RAGGA BOMB combines Elysium with Star Wars and it works”

Video for Dj Snake & Lil Jon’s – “Turn Down For What” will melt your face

This video is fucking crazy! Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, taking a huge bite out of the 2013 short film “Next Floor” directed by De Denis Villeneuve, took it one step further by featuring body parts doing things to music, that body parts should never do. Sounding a lot like a Diplo production fromContinue reading “Video for Dj Snake & Lil Jon’s – “Turn Down For What” will melt your face”

Pharrell tests the limits of human attention with his 24 hour video Happy

I think I might’ve liked this video or videos, better if it wasn’t such an exercise in endurance. The song Happy which was featured in the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, is a Motown ditty that sounds like something written by Raphael Saadiq, but it’s not, proving again that Pharrell is a master at imitation. ThatContinue reading “Pharrell tests the limits of human attention with his 24 hour video Happy”

Arcade Fire release yet another trailer

As the date draws nearer to the ultimate release for Reflektor, Arcade Fire seamlessly excite fans again with another trailer. Since appearing at performances like the YouTube’s Music Awards, and the Bridge School Benefit Show, they’ll perform on “The Colbert Report” October 21st. Expect (or hope) to hear some new tracks. The band continues to holdContinue reading “Arcade Fire release yet another trailer”

Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven

For the past three weeks, I’ve attempted to write this review about five times with the same events happening. First, I create a strong opening line that describes my feeling about the album, followed by a point that talks about the artist, but by the time I get around to actually describing why I feelContinue reading “Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven”

Video for Deltron 3030-City Rising from Ashes featuring Mike Patton

Not one to mince words, Deltron is back and he’s spewing forth much of the same post apocalyptic rhetoric that made him famous on his self titled, 2000, release, but unlike his past accomplishments, he finally has a video that fits his conspiracy theory backdrops. Looking a little like a cross between the character 9,Continue reading “Video for Deltron 3030-City Rising from Ashes featuring Mike Patton”

Video for “Coup d’ etat” by G Dragon will get ripped off

I’m not 100% on board with the hook, but that shits still bouncing around in my head after just one listen, so maybe it’s good? The video directed by Suh Hyun Seung (who G-Dragon worked with for BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby,” and solo singles “GO” and “One of a Kind”) certainly is. Coup d’etat, is anContinue reading “Video for “Coup d’ etat” by G Dragon will get ripped off”

Prepare yourself for Arcade Fire’s new single

The time has come. I can finally wear my Arcade Fire shirt with pride as they’re now relevant to everyone who’s listened to music past 2007. The Grammy award winners, and indie icons have announced a new single, along with a video that will be dropping on Monday (It fits the 9/9 9PM scheme). EvenContinue reading “Prepare yourself for Arcade Fire’s new single”

Video for Daughn Gibson’s “Kissin on the Blacktop”

I purchased Daughn Gibson’s latest album Me Moan recently and was tickled shitty by it’s fresh spin on country/bluegrass/electronica…and those are just the genre’s I think of when listening to him, truth is it’s a whole lot more. His new single ” Kissin on the Blacktop” is in a word “fresh”, as for the video,Continue reading “Video for Daughn Gibson’s “Kissin on the Blacktop””