MITNG Videos of the Week

Got a colorful smorgasbord of images for yo ass this week. Starting off with the always entertaining Die Antwoord, then our Icelandic pop star Robyn get’s down with non other than Snoop D.O. Double G, not to be out done is the west coast stylings of Wavves and then a treat for those of youContinue reading “MITNG Videos of the Week”

Wavves do their take on garage rock with Afraid of Heights

I was never apart of the Blink-182 craze, as the band never appealed to me. Their teenage boy style, and lewd music videos weren’t something I bothered to take part of. It was once I actually listened to the music that I was hooked. The melodies and lyrics were straight to the point and theyContinue reading “Wavves do their take on garage rock with Afraid of Heights”

MITNG’S videos of the week

It’s been an amazing week for videos. Their not all super current, in fact some of these may be behind by a month, but I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t seen these before, but then again, maybe you have. In that case….”You’re more punk than me”. Starting from the top to the bottom. WAVVES-Continue reading “MITNG’S videos of the week”