Andre The Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown

“The function of a wrestler is not to win; it is to go exactly through the motions that are expected of him” Roland Barthes,”The World of Wrestling Mythology”, 1957 The above quote pretty much sums up this, still misunderstood, world of pro wrestling. Not until I read this book, did I  have the slightest clueContinue reading “Andre The Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown”

POGO goes dubstep with Scooby Doo

  Good friend and film editor Keith Carunida posted on facebook yesterday that famous masher-upper Pogo did a dubstep Scooby Doo jam…. and that it was good. Being a fan of dubstep, I had to investigate and yessur it actually does hold up, in that geeky sort of way, to a lot of the bestContinue reading “POGO goes dubstep with Scooby Doo”