Documentary Class Action Park unleashes the mayhem on HBO Max

Yeah…I’ll let you sit with the image above for a little. If your thinking…”you could totally break your neck in that thing!” don’t worry, people did, but the famous and insane Jersey park never shut down and people never stopped coming. Produced by Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges, the documentary chronicles the rise andContinue reading “Documentary Class Action Park unleashes the mayhem on HBO Max”

Here We Go Again!

Months ago I left Facebook. Years before that, I left our website. We did, however, keep our twitter page. There’s been a ton of trials and tribulations, but years later, I’m back and hoping you’ll walk with me again. Yesterday, I saw that someone posted a comment on an article that I wrote awhile back.Continue reading “Here We Go Again!”

This documentary gives us a rare glimpse at the youth of San Francisco in 1961

This video is a perfect example of some of the gems you find on youtube, that you will not find anywhere. Directed by cinematographer David Meyers (THX 1138, Woodstock) Ask Me, Don’t Tell Me turns it’s lens on the rebellious youth of 1961 in San Francisco. The footage is superb and may come in handyContinue reading “This documentary gives us a rare glimpse at the youth of San Francisco in 1961”

Death Grips – Government Plates

Let’s take a moment and review some of the antics this group has caused in the past year and a half. They single handily won over an entire audience with The Money Store, which received worldly acclaim, and then gave the middle finger to the same record company by releasing No Love Deep Web without their permission.Continue reading “Death Grips – Government Plates”

Tim Hecker – Virgins review

There’s already been a surprising amount of great electronic music released in 2013, and with the year wrapping up shortly, I’d like to bring up another release that stands out. Hailing from Vancouver, BC and taking his project to Montreal, Hecker has created a name for himself in the experimental music scene since his Imaginary Country releaseContinue reading “Tim Hecker – Virgins review”

Candy Cigarettes stands out among many bedroom acts

I always find it amazing when I hear music that’s created in a bedroom studio. It always has a cozy, warm aesthetic that’s much more listenable than any other genre I find. Perfume Genius and Youth Lagoon have really captured the essence of bringing the music from the bedroom (or a friends) to life. WithContinue reading “Candy Cigarettes stands out among many bedroom acts”

Vice interviews the creators of Escape From Tomorrow

I still haven’t seen this film yet, but it’s on my list. Having grown up in Orlando Florida, I’m always tickled shitty when cheeky directors have it in their minds to create a film that exploits the exploiters. If I had stayed in Orlando another day, instead of moving to New York, I might’ve hadContinue reading “Vice interviews the creators of Escape From Tomorrow”

Absolutely gorgeous and moving tribute to the cosplayers of Dragon Con 2013

So I know you’ve seen a lot of cosplay videos from conventions as well as smart ass geek-youtubers interviewing/hurling insults at cosplayers and groping women, for the sake of their ignorant fans…well this is not what this is. This is an outstanding tribute to those who dream of other worlds and once, twice or threeContinue reading “Absolutely gorgeous and moving tribute to the cosplayers of Dragon Con 2013”

New TV On The Radio video “Million Miles”

TV On The Radio‘s second single off their “supposed” new album, got a nifty video today that premiered exclusively on Myspace. The song is a quite one, perhaps a reflective moment given the loss of their bass player Gerrard Smith to lung cancer back in April 20th, 2011. They’ve told several media outlet’s that theyContinue reading “New TV On The Radio video “Million Miles””

Trailer for Blue Caprice starring Isaiah Washington and Joey Lauren Adams arrives

Blue Caprice, directed by Alexandre Moors‘(Cruel Summer, Lady Lovelace Deception System) follows the events surrounding the DC Sniper attacks back in 2002. It was a very dark time in America considering barely a year had passed since 9/11. The film stars Isaiah Washington as John Allen Muhammad and Tequan Richmond as Lee Boyd Malvo. IContinue reading “Trailer for Blue Caprice starring Isaiah Washington and Joey Lauren Adams arrives”