Foiled 1Aliera Carstairs, full-time high-schooler and newly appointed Defender of Faerie, returns to kick Unseelie butt in Curses! Foiled Again. Written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mike Cavallaro, this second installment to First Second Publishing’s Foiled series will be made available on January 8th.

Foiled 3

For those unfamiliar with the story thus far, here’s a recap: Aliera begins as an ordinary teenager, if a virtually invisible and colorblind one. She is also a talented fencer. When she is asked out by the new school heartthrob, Avery Castle, her life begins to get a little bit more interesting. Turns out, Avery is a troll with bad intentions, and her new practice foil is the enchanted weapon of the Defender of Faerie, which is her. This is all re-established for you at the beginning of the sequel, of course, so no worries if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at first.

In Curses! Foiled Again, Aliera is in for another adventure, whether she likes it or not. Charged with protecting her magical foil from those who mean the Seelie Court harm, she is joined this time by allies Avery and Caroline and a few other new and “colorful” characters that are sure to entertain. Aliera herself is delightfully bull-headed, her cousin Caroline indulgent and composed. And Avery is…kind of endearing for a troll.

An engaging story of magic, monsters, and the mundane world of high school, the Foiled series is one that promises to last. Grab your copy of Curses! Foiled Again this coming January, and keep an eye out for more sequels!