Watch Ian Isiah, “Mindfuck”


With R&B as popular as ever, we bring to you a great artist with one of the craziest music videos released over the past while. Ian Isiah, who’s newest video is one to avoid in the workspace, adds his twist on the growing Alternative R&B genre. His ability to incorporate the glitch sound of a James Blake song with the vocals of the new Rhye album is masterful. Majority of the lyrics come down to one phrase: “Mindfuck”. It’s summed up perfectly, as the song follows the most basic drum machine while whirling around that one almighty phrase. The beauty of it is that the atmosphere never feels out of place, and if the music video turns you off, then change windows and repeat the song until desired. The song has an Aphex Twin, “Avril 14”, keyboard sound in the background that allows this piece to be played over and over without feeling repetitive. Ironically, that’s the beauty of the song. It’s repetitiveness of the song has such a perfect phrase that it can go for hours and still feel fresh. I’m excited to see what Isiah has in store for us next.

M1NDFVCK from IAN ISIAH on Vimeo.

Check the song here if the video isn’t for you: 


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