Trailer for Tito explores sexual predators with a new lens

There’s not a whole lot to be seen here, but right away you get a feeling. The feeling that you are about to embark upon something special. I don’t see many films that make me reference directors like Harmony Korine or Gus Van Sant, but this one has all the makings.

This avant-garde piece of work is directed, written and starred by Canadian actress/director Grace Glowicki. The film follows an introverted protagonist named Tito, who is or has been, the victim of a sexual predator. Tito can be seen in the trailer grappling with the levels of paranoia, even going so far as to keep a whistle around his neck at all times.

I’ll warn you that the trailer is very arthouse, but a little about me…I love arthouse films! I definitely look forward to seeing this.

Tito is trapped. With long black hair, greasy sideburns, and an emergency whistle dangling from his neck, he is so stricken with fear that he’s developed a hunch in his back. Any attempt to venture into the outside world is met with the threat of elusive predators who hunt him relentlessly. Starved for food and security, Tito’s terrorized existence threatens to overwhelm him – until the sudden arrival of a cheerful intruder, offering breakfast and protection… Tito is a vision of predation, friendship, and fear, told through a wildly inventive and expressive new lens. 

Factory 25 will release Glowicki’s Tito into “virtual cinemas” in the US starting on July 10th this summer. For more info + tickets, visit their website

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