Beautiful trailer for The 24th arrives

In recent months, there has been much focus of a lot of historical atrocities that they never taught us in school. Case and point, the massacre of Black Wallstreet or as it’s commonly known, as the Tulsa Race Massacres of 1921. The massacre was featured in the first episode of HBO’s Watchmen aa d fansContinue reading “Beautiful trailer for The 24th arrives”

New Music from Director John Carpenter Drops

Legendary composer/director John Carpenter has returned with his first non-soundtrack music since 2016’s Lost Themes II. Collaborating again with son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, his bandmates and co-composers for the David Gordon Green-directed Halloween films, Carpenter is sharing the propulsive new single “Skeleton” and its B-side, the haunting “Unclean Spirit.” The sessions for these songs saw the trio shifting their focusContinue reading “New Music from Director John Carpenter Drops”

Gripping trailer for documentary A Thousand Cuts drops

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is who number 45, wishes he could be, that is, if we didn’t have the constitution in place. Crimes against humanity is what Duterte has been serving up for some time. The man rules with a iron hand and with that, comes a body count. This documentary is about one womanContinue reading “Gripping trailer for documentary A Thousand Cuts drops”

Animated Short Victor and Isolina is a beautiful tribute to the creators Grandparents

Director William Caballero has created a quirky masterpiece with Victor and Isolina! This story, told by use of 3D modeling, still pictures, beautiful cinematography and lovely music, is about the relation between the directors grandparents Victor and Isolina. It has that NPR: Storycorps vibe as the visuals chronicle the falling in and out of loveContinue reading “Animated Short Victor and Isolina is a beautiful tribute to the creators Grandparents”

Disney’s Trailer for Soul is easily another tear-jerker

The extended trailer for the new Disney Pixar film Soul, dropped a few weeks ago and yes, I am late to the game, but it still worth showcasing cause it’s beautiful and it’s a Disney animation starring a black lead and several other black characters. Soul is directed by Academy Award winning director Pete DocterContinue reading “Disney’s Trailer for Soul is easily another tear-jerker”


All I really have to hear is the name Albert Mielgo (Enter The Spiderverse, Tron: Uprising,Corpsebride) and I’m all in, so when I saw that there was a new game trailer directed by him, you know I was gonna post it! In our Gameplay Overview Trailer, we introduced some of the main characters you willContinue reading “BEHOLD THE WATCH DOGS:LEGION TRAILER DIRECTED BY ALBERT MIELGO”

Tesla trailer starring Ethan Hawk and Kyle Maclachlan, is an anachronistic spectacle!

It’s crazy how these guys are still working! Every time I turn around, they are in something new and edgy! This is a testament to their skill! Who am I talking about? Why none other than Ethan Hawke and Kyle MacLachlan who play inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison in this brave new take on theContinue reading “Tesla trailer starring Ethan Hawk and Kyle Maclachlan, is an anachronistic spectacle!”