We all know about the lone monk stories, Kwai Chang Caine, Miyamoto Musashi, Benkei , well we can add another name amongst this list of benevolent ass kickers The Green Monk written and illustrated by the amazingly talented Brandon Dayton. This monk not only walks the way of the righteous, but if you get in his way, he will beat the shit out of you with…wait for it…a blade of grass. Nothing says your not worthy more than getting handed your nuts by a monk wielding seemingly harmless foliage. I met Brandon Dayton at the Phoenix Comic Con last week. He had a simple corner booth with his wears all nicely laid out for the fan boys and girls to drool over and not to say that his work isn’t impeccable, but what caught my eye, and the eye of a girl standing next to me already pawing the pages, was a small green booklet which was his graphic novel The Green Monk. Tiny,well written and well drawn and fits conveniently inside a bag that was growing exponentially with con swag…sold. After talking a bit with Brandon and basically praising the shit out of him and his art, I bought the book which he autographed with an image and signature and I was on my way. Later at home I gave the small book a read and breathed such a sigh of relief when I was finished, not because it was short, but because it’s everything I love in a good story. Excellent art work, a plot that isn’t too complex and a true journey of a hero arch. I’m reminded of fables such as The Valiant Tailor or the ever popular and Pulitzer Prize winning David and Goliath when reading this first issue of TGM. Except this one has a Medieval /Eastern philosophy flair although our hero is Russian.

Synopsis: It tells the story of a monk wandering a mythical Russian countryside armed only with an enchanted blade of grass.

This is an independently released title, but is polished like a major. The line work is reminiscent of Japanese wood block prints which we all know is the root of modern comics. I’m hoping for more from Brandon’s camp cause where this story leaves off is a well placed cliff hanger. I suggest to my reader’s that if you are a fan of really and I mean really good art and heartfelt tales of cleverness and heroism, to pick up The Green Monk you won’t be disappointed.



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