Last year the first video off of M83‘s new album Midnight City hit the music blogs and the hipster geeks were all a buzz. Today we get a follow up to the epic sci fi saga about children with special abilities being hunted down by the GUB-MENT (In Living Color). The directors Fleur & Manu from the Division of Paris consortium admit that the video’s have a Village Of The Damned, Close Encounters and Akira aesthetic (caught the Akira thing without having read the junket…how cool am I?). I love me some M83, their music is curiously spiritual and whimsical all at the same time. If you don’t have any of their albums…do yourself a favor and pick them up. I especially like one of the songs off their latest were a young girl is explaining about an enchanted forest where frogs live and if you touch them you become a frog yourself. True story…it happened to her I swear. The track is called Reconte-Moi Un Histoire check it out. Below is the new video followed by it’s predecessor.