Dark Horse’s ORCHID Vol#2 brings the funk…yeah I said it.

The stakes are much higher in this volume and the death toll is nowhere close to dropping. Volume #2 of, Rage guitarist Tom Morello‘s post apocalyptic saga Orchid, shifts into high gear as we learn more about Opal and her connection to General Tomo Wolfe. This rag tag team of upstarts go on a suicide mission to rescue one of their own right from under Tomo’s nose and the lose of life is depressing. Volume two takes advantage of a few cliche’s like, Opal training Orchid along the way to Tomo’s Palace, as a warrior and seemingly instilling in her all she would ever need to know to lead a rebellion, but I’m good with a few commonalities with popular fiction. What I didn’t expect was the level of blood shed in issues 5-8 and gory bloodshed at that. I don’t know if this was an attempt to reel us in as the story waned from time to time, but I must say…the shit worked. As all hell breaks loose around the escape attempt, bond’s are broken in the form of dead animals and this leads to an interesting betrayal and also tells another tale of not only a revolutionary writer Tom Morello, but a humanitarian. It always helps to seed your work with your own ideologies once in awhile and for Orchid it all fits brilliantly.The tables turn when Orchid must wear the helm of the late General China and lead the Bridge People in an futile rebellion lead by none other than Orchid and her girlfriends from the hood. The story has an interesting ending, but with the luck the remaining survivors have been having I have no doubts that everything will be alright for Orchid and her friends. Pick up this issue and volume one if you haven’t already. It’s got a good message and it’s loaded with carnage.

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