Underground Mondays: Chase Aden

When a pop star is created, it seems like all integrity of the artist is lost. The internet ends up hating him or her, although their chart topping singles contradict the overall dislike of the said musician. Canada is renown for creating the arguably most hated and loved musician of our time, Just Bieber. They’re also famous for coming up with the catchiest single of all time by the Mission, BC superstar, Carly Ray Jepsen with “Call Me Maybe”. Now Canada isn’t all bad with their stars. Arcade Fire was, and will be again with their 2013 release, the biggest band in the world after their surprise AOTY award at the Grammy’s.

When I first heard Chase Aden’s song off her debut EP, “Hold On”, I was surprised by the amount of talent that was in the track. Most pop releases are tailor made to sell, but Aden has a different sound. Currently making music in Toronto, Canada, she has was a lot of other top selling artists don’t have: musical integrity. Her voice is powerful, like the French Canadian, Celine Dion, and can create that unique twang like Canadian country sweetheart, Shania Twain. Amazingly, both are super successful and still contribute to music to this day. I’ve gotten a hold of Chase Aden’s debut EP, Heartsick, and I can honestly say I enjoyed five of the six tracks hugely. For a guy who was just listening to some Dirty Beaches, this is quite the shift in sound.

I’ll get the negative very quickly out of the way so it doesn’t have to be said anymore. The opener, “Pretty Little Thing”, feels like Swiss cheese and a jingle for a local business in the 90’s. That’s all I’m going to say about the song. After that, I encountered a huge jump in quality. “Get With You” is exactly what I was looking forward too. The quasi-R&B track resembles Amy Winehouse in just the slightest, with a small country tinge once the chorus kicks in. The bubbly and fun hooks in the chorus draw in the listener after a smooth verse that doesn’t fade. It’s a great shift in sound. “Heartsick” was my favourite off the EP. It slightly resembles Charli XCX until another country hook is thrown into the chorus. Now I know Chase won’t agree with the country comparison, but it’s only ever slightly throughout the EP. Most of these songs follow a general pop theme. The slight country influence is actually very fresh, and I’d prefer it over any Taylor Swift release. It’s more raw and natural compared to the manufactured Swift.

Now the fourth track, “Hold On”, is more what I’d expect when I read that this EP was a pop release. It sounds almost exactly like any number one single from the 80’s and 90’s. It has that driving vocals, that big crash into the emotional chorus, the basic beat laid down by a solid drummer, and it’s all centered around the vocals. So it should be, because Aden is natural performer from what I’ve seen. She takes control of her songs, and makes them last in your head. I can almost hear “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John as every chorus picks up in her songs. The influence is impeccable.

The final two tracks, “Spoke Too Soon” and “Secret Agent Lover”, showcase Aden’s ability to play a pop-rock song and a heavy pop song. Both have very powerful vocals, and are great for giving the go in Aden’s career. She’s a musician who has a dream of making it big, and so far so good with her progress. A debut EP with this much to showcase is unheard of when it comes to rising stars. She goes from bubblegum pop to a semi-rock ballad effortlessly. It’s a quality that gets someone far, especially in the money making side of music. What I know personally from Chase is that she isn’t in this for the money, she’s in it for the love of music. That’s why I’m a huge supporter of Chase Aden.


Here’s a look at my personal favourite off the EP: 

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