I’m a huge fan of street art. I don’t have any favorites I can mention, but I could stare at the murals at Five Points in Long Island City all day. Wait, Alex Pardee is definitely one of my favorites. In fact, the pieces I have on my forearm were done in the Village by protege’s of the retro-fitted bombing legend SEEN.

So whenever I get the chance to showcase street art on MITNG, I try to and this time lapse eye candy comes compliments of Melbourne Australia legend SOFLES, who makes quick work or not so quick work out of an abandoned warehouse. I hope he had a permit for this. Who am I kidding.


Somewhere in Melbourne there is a giant decaying warehouse now covered in some two dozen pieces by graffiti writer Sofles. Filmed and edited by Celina Mills, this impressive time-lapse shot over an indeterminate amount of time (this has to have taken more than a day, right?) documents Sofles as he whips out tags and more complex graffiti paintings in a seemingly limitless variety of styles, texture and color. (via stellar)