This Gravity featurette guarantees them winning every technical category in the Oscars


As we draw close to Oscar time, it’s important to remind people just what deserves what, despite what a few dusty-ass raisins in Hollywood say. I said it before and I will say it again, the Oscars should be a peoples choice award and there shouldn’t be separate categories for male and female actors….there…my two cents. Moving on. If you haven’t seen Gravity yet, you’re dead to me, but if you have, this featurette is mind blowing! Looking like set pieces from a Daft Punk concert, the technology that went into creating this visually stunning film will probably, if  it hasn’t already, be used by Washington in some way shape or form. The film is science from beginning to end and from production to screen. Director Alfonso Cuaron is changing the game in ways I thought only James Cameron could. It makes sense that James would produce this film. This featurette has interviews with Alfonso’s son and co-writer Jonas Cuaron as well as cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki.

If this film doesn’t win every technical award there is this year I am going to be extremely pissed off.



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