So is it safe to say Bill Murray could be the voice of God in Hollywood? Remember a few months ago he tweeted that he would like to see an all female Ghostbusters movie? He even named off Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig and Emma Stone as the girls he’d like to see star in it. Now, I won’t give all the credit to Bill, I’m sure there were a few birdies flying about his head that day, seeding the field with what was going to happen anyway. Often times, folks leak shit to see if the idea would be a hit amongst the fans. Case and point, the supposed leaked Deadpool movie test footage. That footage and the response to it, got it greenlit. It’s a hell of a lot easier and cheaper than hiring a company to see if the idea scores big points in certain cities, plus everybody loves Bill Murray!

Long story short, the people have spoken and it worked! The HEAT director Paul Feig and writer Katie Dippold are gearing up to take on the 80’s classic and if Bill has his way…WINK…it will be an all female cast. Look, I’m realistic, Ghostbuster’s wasn’t screenplay gold although we’d like to think so, “we” being those late thirties early forties something crew, mostly guys, but I recently re-watched the film and damn,… it was bad. This will at least be way more funny than the first by default. I enjoyed The Heat so I’m sure this will rock! Time to give those proton packs to the ladies!

At this time I’d like to nominate Fred Armisen as Louis Tully and I’d also be happy with Sandra Bullock somewhere in there too possibly the lead.

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